I consider myself to be something of an entrepreneur, and I’m always looking at new and innovative ways to bring strong brands to market in a series of industries. I am currently the director of two Limited companies in the UK, and regularly undertake additional creative projects:

Designbysoap Ltd

In 2010, my business partner and I set up Designbysoap Ltd in Brighton, before switching operations to our home town of Hereford later that year. The UK’s first information design specialists, Designbysoap has grown into one of the world’s most prominent content development and data visualisation agencies. We have worked on a range of high profile campaigns for the likes of Google, Yahoo, Ford, AOL, The United Nations, The European Commission, The Economist, The Guardian, PayPal, the BBC and hundreds of others.

You can read more about the company at www.designbysoap.co.uk

Visual Arcade Ltd

In 2015, Rob Thomas and I setup our second Limited company in the UK; Visual Arcade Ltd. Home to a number of up and coming brands in the creative industries, Visual Arcade aims to provide disruptive and innovative services to designers, artists, information specialists and educators. Our most prominent brand will be Learn Everything, which is set to launch in 2017.

You can read more about this brand at www.learneverything.co.uk