I’ve always had a strong interest in poetry, particularly the likes of Whitman, Keats, Wordsworth and Tennyson. In recent months, I have have begun publishing my own poetry via Instagram, under the name Another English Poet.

I have a particular interest in creating prose that distills a core emotion into as few words as possible – attempting to retain the emotional resonance of traditional poetry in a modern, free-verse format. These short, punchy poems have resulted in a popular Instagram account with a dedicated following, gaining thousands of followers in just a couple of months. As a result, I will be releasing my debut poetry book ‘Chaotic Beauty’ in 2017/18.

The book will feature a series of collaborations with artists and illustrators, each of whom have interpreted my poetry in their own unique style. You can find some examples of my poetry below, as well as on the blog on my homepage. Alternatively, you can follow me on Instagram via @anotherenglishpoet.

Selected Poems