Our new book Visualising The Beatles is now officially available, and we’re already lucky enough to have some superb press coverage. Last week, the book was reviewed by world-renowned Beatles authority Kenneth Womack, who is also the author of numerous books on the Fab Four, including the Beatles Encyclopedia.

Writing on The Huffington Post, Womack gave us a glowingly positive review, which meant a huge amount to me and Rob (as you can image, we were somewhat nervous being reviewed by an internationally acclaimed expert on all things Beatles). I’ve included an extract from the review below, but you can check out the full review on the Huffington Post here.

“…which brings us to Visualizing the Beatles, John Pring and Rob Thomas’ arresting collection of Beatles-oriented illustrations and infographics. A pair of British graphic designers, Pring and Thomas trace the Beatles’ incredible career in all of its pictorial splendor. Along the way, they succeed in educating the casual fan about the band mates’ humble origins, evolving fashion choices, and chart-eclipsing hits. But perhaps even more impressively, Pring and Thomas take the Beatles’ story into the realm of musicology, demonstrating—or, to be more accurate, illustrating—the ways in which they transformed from a simple four-part rock combo into a bravura musical unit of staggering proportions.”
Kenneth Womack, The Huffington Post (US)

If you’d like to purchase the book, you can buy it via Amazon, Waterstones or purchase a hand-signed copy from Orphans Publishing. Be sure to also visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates about the book and some fun Beatles facts!